Current research: Guild leadership practices

Despite claims I've made to the contrary one of the functions of this blog is in fact academic research. With that in mind, I'm a bit overdue to get a post up here about the project which is occupying most of my attention this academic year, namely my dissertation research. As the post title indicates, this branch of my work is focused on guild leadership practices.

Motivational poster borrowed from (actual origin, somewhere out on the internets)

If you want to know more, you need only read past the break.

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Live Blogging G4C Day 2

So I missed day one, but here for your reading pleasure are some blips and bleeps from day 2 of Games for Change. G4C Logo

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In the name of science

The truth of the matter is, I'm way behind on my blogging. I still haven't posted about the fantastic racist toy that I won at the Star Trek pub quiz (the darn thing is really hard to photograph), and there's a whole slew of other timely topics that seem to keep slipping away. However, when Tolga sent me the link for An Engineer's Guide to Cat Yodeling, I knew I had to reblog it here. Behold:

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It has been brought to my attention

. . . that some individuals expected to find a more academic blog here, or even that it might be beneficial for me to be writing a more academic blog. This is actually not an unfair critique of this blog, however . . . let it be known . . . This blog will not be subjugated by any expectation of strictly academic content While there will certainly be academic thoughts on this blog, and the pursuit of noble topics like truth and beauty (among other more suspect constructs), this blog will generally not be composed of overly self involved prose defined around vague concepts. Rather, in an effort to avoid generating massive thick blocks of text, this blog will generally not string together impossible sentences with incomprehensible words, strictly for the purpose of creating a big texty space. In order to avoid such lengthy and perturbatory strings of text, this blog will instead, proceed laterally in the pursuit of real concepts about actual consciousness. Towards this end, this blog, will in-fact,  pause only ex temporum, to ensure that no random latinate verbage is being deployed, nor that extraneous clauses are added, employing both vociferous text, and extraneous punctuation. Basically As is evident from the available data (and any reasonable interpretation there of), this blog will be prone to rambling. I believe that was there in the subtitle.

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Mad Rollin' Dolls FTW!!!

The roller  derby semifinals were this last weekend, and they were totally epic as this picture from the Quad Squad vs Vaudeville Vixens bout attests to (thanks for the link Allie):

The super powered Quad Squad sadly lost Saturday's bout, but you still have one more opportunity to see them roll this season in what promises to be an epic grudge match against the Reservoir Dolls. Meanwhile the victorious Vixens will face off against the Unholy Rollers for the finals. If you're in Madison (or plan on coming in for it because roller derby is teh awesome) that bout is on  Saturday May 16th, and you should go. You can find tickets and more info at the MRD website.

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