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Systems of Stress

This is a post about individuals and conflict behaviors, but more than that it’s about systems and how they elicit those behaviors. This post gets pretty personal at times, but the intent is not to air my or anyone else’s dirty laundry. The aim instead is to draw on experiences during an extremely difficult time in my life that also became entwined with professional failure, but to look beyond those individual stresses and failures at the bigger picture, and to say something (hopefully useful) about how individuals respond to pressures well outside of their control. Caveat emptor, this post is also very long.

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Walker is my governor

So it seems that the people of Wisconsin have spoken. Scott Walker is still my governor. It's not the ideal outcome in many ways. It leaves me deeply worried about the future of Wisconsin's natural resources for one, and the progressive tradition of the state for two. There's also the fact that regardless of the outcome of this race, my state is now deeply divided and will take decades to heal. more after the jump...

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Democracy on the rise



it's gonna be live

In light of recent events in Egypt, and to a lesser extent here in Wisconsin:

Everything old is in fact new again.