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Some Gatekeeping

Life is not a game. Governance is not a game. Education is not a game, and Love is definitely not a game.

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Games vs. Gamification: The GLS 10 Micropresentation

Since folks asked so nicely, here are the slides from my Micropresentation. The full script for the talk is in the notes section.

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Games and narrative: Conflicting definitions

I've tried to keep this installment on games and narrative shorter than the previous one, but I'm afraid I haven't been entirly successful. After all, this post dips into some pretty deep theoretical territory and you know how that goes. At any rate, this post starts with a conversation that happened on Google+ in a thread John Woodring started about gamification in education . At some point in the thread, Roger Travis and I drifted into a fairly theoretical conversation about games and narrative.

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