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Three Concentric Circles (Part 2)

Back in May I posted a teaser regarding this idea I've had for a universal social media management solution. I came up with this idea while struggling with the fact that my Twitter feed is fundamentally unmanageable, and that this has a lot to do with the tension between our capacity to process information, and the steady push of social media to add more and more content to our streams. The concept is simple, although executing it may not be. As the title of this post (and the previous one) indicate, it is a concept that relies on three concentric circles.

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Facebook = Deactivated

When you deactivate a Facebook account, it asks you to choose a reason from a number of radio button options, or provide your own. The following is the text I cobbled together on my iPad to inform Facebook why I was leaving:

I'm uninterested in where facebook is going. I recognize that I am the product and not the customer on facebook. This is a compromise I've been willing to accept because of the number of friends, family, and colleagues I have who use it. However, as of the recent ui change and #f8 announcements, I'm done. Not only is the interface worse than ever, but I have no interest in my information being moderated through your algorithm, and I don't want to contribute any more of my information to your database. I'm willing to forgo large swaths of content my friends would like to share with me at this point because as far as I'm concerned it's not worth being your product in exchange for that service (and the ui sucks).